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Performance Rehab, Overland Park KSPerformance Rehab was created to bring a higher quality of patient care to the Kansas City area. Starting with a specific diagnosis of your problem, we will spend one-on-one time to educate you on this problem and most importantly how to rid yourself of it quickly and how to keep it from returning in the future.

We provide a thorough and detailed evaluation in order to provide you a precise diagnosis as to what is causing your problem. Our experienced team of therapists can help you whether you suffer from a sports injury, spine injury, post surgery, or are looking for a specific training program customized to your personal history. We work with you in developing an individualized and most comprehensive treatment approach. Our ultimate goal is to return you to the active life to which you are accustomed.

Our Mission:

Performance Rehab will provide expert care to our patients through a thorough examination, specific diagnosis, patient education, comprehensive therapeutic program in a caring environment to restore you to the performance level your life requires. We continually strive to increase our clinical skills by seeking out the best clinicians in the world to learn from and to employee in order to provide unparalleled quality of care.

Our Vision:

To be the first choice of patients and physicians for physical therapy in the Midwest due to specialized expert clinicians.

To help advance the practice of physical therapy through comprehensive examination of treatment methodologies in order to provide patients with the most efficient and cutting edge techniques available in a caring manner and to eliminate their core problem.